Stainless Steel Motors

Stainless Steel Motors

In addition to our range we have the “stainless steel motors”, with stainless steel housing, shield, flange, screws and nickel-plated brass cable gland.

These motors are used in the food industry and in corrosive environments.

These motors are normally supplied with integrated cable and no fan, the rest is all customizable, according to customer’s requirements.

The motor can be made with a degree of protection up to IP69K, or with additional seals between the housing and the flange or between the housing and the shield.

The winding can be encapsulated in resin or tropicalized, with thermal protection and / or heaters.

The nameplate data are engraved on the shield by serigraphy, together with customer’s logo, if required.

The contacts of the cable, its length, the material and the number of contcts are other possible customizations.

From a mechanical point of view you can require standard or special shaft ends, and the same situation regarding the flange.

Finally there is the possibility of having the front bearing blocked.