Oil Seals Type TGF

Oil Seals Type TGF

Self-retaining all-rubber oil seal with a vulcanized flexible metal band to be mounted without clamping plate.

Available also in “split” (open) form. Mainly used for maintenance in applications without any pressure. In this case the clamping plate is recommended.

Garter spring available also encapsulated in resin or other materials for protection from chemical aggressions and dirt.





Technical Features

  1. Rubber body
  2. Flexible metal band
  3. Garter spring
  4. Sealing edge made through cutting process


  1. Elastomer: NBR; FKM; HNBR
  2. Metal band: Fe C67 temperato
  3. Garter spring: AISI 302; AISI 316


Oil Seals Type TGF