Oil Seals Type L2m

Oil Seals Type L2m

Developed specifically for severe operating conditions with great misalignments and high speeds where rigidity and strength are necessary.

Recovery of misalignment up to 5 mm (radial up to 2,5 mm).

A groove on the external diameter allows the operator to center the oil seal in the housing bore, easing the assembly.

The outer metal case of the oil seal is conceived in one single piece without welding points.

Available on demand with rubber or iron spacers.

The sealing lip is vulcanized onto the metal casing.





Technical Features

  1. Metal outer casing with a ground surface
  2. Stiffening ring
  3. Finger spring
  4. Garter spring
  5. Rubber sealing ring vulcanized on the metal case


  1. Metal casing:
  2. Stiffening ring:
    Fe 37
  3. Finger spring:
    AISI 301
  4. Garter spring:
    AISI 316
  5. Elastomer: NBR; HNBR; FKM; VMQ


Oil Seals Type L2m